For a small entrepreneur and SME, it is highly imperative to have hassle free operations, ease of doing business and limited need to follow up. Free cash flow and faster stock availability makes a big difference to the return on capital for a small business. With our fast transit times and unmatched reliability with real-time visibility of shipments, we aim at helping SMEs grow multifold.

Our advantage

Faster deliveries: Through our unique driver relay model, we have strategically reduced the transit time by 50-70%, with Delhi to Guwahati trips being completed in 2 days vis-à-vis an industry average of 8-10 days. This unmatched speed in delivery enables our clients to enjoy higher return on capital.

Live visibility for hassle free experience: Using cutting edge technology solutions, we provide full transparency and visibility into the shipments. This eliminates the constant need to follow up on a shipment and its delivery. SMEs and consignors can also book a shipment using the consignor app and provide visibility of the shipment to their consignees using our advanced technology.

Quicker claim settlement: We have pioneered a globally unique claim settlement process, where consignors receive the settlement within 3 hours of raising a claim, along with documentation. This enables SMEs to have a risk-free experience while shipping with us by smoothening the process of follow up for claim settlement in cases of any untoward incidence.

Freedom of payment choices: SMEs can pay using multiple payment options – through card, cheque, online payment gateways for ease of business and monetary reconciliation/ accounting.

Services we offer

Relay express cargo: Especially relevant for low-volume products requiring deliveries at multi-point, our express cargo service enables pan India operations with lowest ratio of damages and shortage.

Relay full truck: We own a fleet of 3000+ containerised vehicles with pan India operations, promising the fastest TAT (50-70% lower than industry standard) and unmatched reliability of 95%+.

Repackaging and special handling: We offer a repackaging solution and specialised handling for the highest safety of the consignments.

Rapid claim settlement: We offer a very low cost transit insurance through our partnership with insurance providers, and settlement of any claims within 3 hours, which is the industry best.

Our Partners