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Anywhere to anywhere in India in 3 days

Our full truck load (FTL) service is based on a global-first and unique driver relay model which allows us to deliver in unprecedented transit times while ensuring that our pilots (truck drivers) return to their homes the same day. Customers across e-commerce, courier, automotive, industrial, consumer packaged goods, electrical and mobile phone industries have leveraged our FTL service to unlock value and bring efficiencies in their supply chains.

Our FTL service has the following distinctive features:

  • Best transit time performance: Our unique driver relay model ensures 50-70% reduction in transit times. For example, we complete Delhi – Guwahati or Delhi – Chennai trips in 3 days against the industry average of 7-8 days. These rapid transit times enable our customers to reimagine their supply chain by cutting-down inventory costs, reducing working capital, lowering storage space, preventing stock-outs, and improving speed to market.
  • Pan India network: With our extensive relay network of 70+ pit stops spread across the length and breadth of the country, we can provide FTL service from almost any location to any destination (including milk runs) and not just between Tier-I and Tier-II cities. For example, Jodhpur – Guwahati, Bangalore - Ambala, Pantnagar - Cochin or Mumbai - Kolkata.
  • Own fleet of 2000+ trucks: We are one of the largest fleet owners in the country. 90% of our vehicles are less than 2 years old. We also have a mix of 22 feet and 32 feet trucks, thereby, giving us the ability to handle dense as well as voluminous cargo. Every trip is pre-inspected and our 24x7 central monitoring and tracking team ensures that the nearest pitstop and OEM dealer is alerted for immediate attention in case of any breakdown. Advanced locking mechanism with hidden locks is installed in each truck besides standard bolt system to ensure safety and security of consignments.
  • Highest reliability and consistency in service levels: Our operations are 100% technology led and data driven thereby allowing us to automate decision-making and eliminate errors. Each of our trucks is equipped with sensors for location tracking and vitals monitoring. Vehicles and pilots are auto-allocated onto trips based on availability and past performance on similar trips. Strong documentation controls have been built through automation systems.
  • Complete transparency during operations: We provide end to end visibility and tracking to our customers. Indent placement and acceptance, placement assurance, real-time minute by minute vehicle tracking on map, automated vehicle arrival alerts before loading and unloading, delay alerts due to unforeseen events, advanced GPS logs from start to end of the trip, data reports and MIS dashboard are all made available to customers through desktop and mobile based applications.
  • Customized solutions: We spend time understanding specific requirements of our customers and innovate to provide breakthrough solutions. One such product we have built is LPCD (linear programming based continuous dispatch) service for automotive clients where we leveraged our technology and data science teams to build an algorithm that optimizes multi-modal dispatches (couriers, FTLs etc.) into a single continuous dispatch service, which is charged at a geography-based flat rate. Our LPCD service has brought down damages to under 0.1% of shipment value, and at 50% lower TAT compared to typical surface courier services with zero instances of shipment reconciliation errors and missing box claims by consignees.

Fast, reliable and high precision

We offer lowest transit time and highest precision express services in the industry through our global-first unique driver relay model for line haul and 100% tech-enabled data driven operations. In a short span, we have grown to become one of the top players in express cargo in India, serving customers across multiple industries such as pharmaceuticals, apparels, electronics, automotive, consumer goods, e-commerce, media and publishing, and industrial goods, to name a few.

Our Express Cargo service has the following distinctive features:

  • Highest reliability: We offer a very high degree of reliability through fully tech-enabled operations, on-time dispatches of the scheduled network, automated handling in processing centers and 24x7 exception based monitoring systems. Our fleet runs with the highest reliability during transit through strong preventative maintenance and a service network of relay pit stops. Our customer promise breach (CPB), which we measure on a real-time basis, is less than 5% of a very strict SLA.
  • High precision and safe operations: We understand the importance of safety of the consignments and continuously innovate to provide the most secure and damage-free way of moving the shipments. We communicate the importance of all shipment and parcels to our loaders and shop floor staff. They are inspired to give absolute respect to them (“Parcel is God”) to deliver our promise to customers. We move sensitive cargo in specialized packages and sleeves. We have a very strong re-packaging solution for fragile goods and carry out mechanized handling of large consignments to avoid handling damages. We are working towards bringing our DEPS (damages, excess, pilferage and shortages) to less than 10 PPM, thereby achieving 6-sigma level of operations and setting a global standard in express cargo services. The goal is to provide complete peace of mind and a hassle-free experience to our customers, every time. Even if there is a claim, we settle it in 3 hours through a unique Rapid Claim Settlement (RCS) process.
  • Lowest transit times: We operate our own scheduled line haul network across India leveraging our owned 2000+ trucks, an extensive pan-India pit stop service network with innovative driver relay model which ensures 50-70% reduction in transit times. Additionally, all our processing centers are created for fast movement and handling of consignments and all processes are completely tech-enabled to provide fastest pickup and delivery. Our transit times are therefore lowest in the industry. For example, we offer 2-day transit from Delhi to Bangalore and 1-day transit from Delhi to Mumbai which is significantly better than the industry average. These rapid transit times enable clients to reduce costs by converting air shipment to surface transport and unlocking value in their supply chain by cutting down on inventory and reducing the working capital.
  • Complete transparency and visibility: We believe in providing complete transparency and visibility of our operations to our customers. All our vehicles are GPS-enabled with the live feed of the GPS coordinates available to our customers. Our pick-up and delivery teams use high quality mobile devices for real time visibility. Our online customer portal provides live dashboard with shipment status, PODs, along with invoicing and query management system. We provide full flexibility to our customers to integrate their ERP systems with our technology to provide visibility across their network, including dealers and their customers.
  • Pan-India presence and a rapidly expanding network: Our service is currently present in 100+ cities in India through a hub network with ever-expanding reach to various parts of the country. We are present in all metro, tier-1 and tier-2 towns and all industrial hubs. We are able to support the dealer networks and supply chain networks of many industries - automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics and apparel end to end.

Delivering quality through temperature integrity

We are one of the largest primary reefer operators in the country, offering distinctive value to customers in need of transporting temperature sensitive cargo. We serve customers across segments like pharmaceuticals, dairy, frozen foods, QSR, fresh perishables, chocolates, ice cream etc.

Our cold chain service has the following distinctive features:

  • Lowest transit time: Our unique driver relay model ensures 50-70% reduction in transit times. For example, we cover Delhi – Chennai in 3 days as against the industry average of 7-8 days. These rapid transit times enable our clients to re-imagine their supply chains by reducing expensive cold store space, cutting-down inventory, reducing working capital, improving product freshness, reducing stock-outs and improving speed-to-market.
  • Temperature integrity: We have structurally eliminated the risk of temperature abuse by drivers, which is considered to be one of the biggest banes of the refrigerated transportation industry. This has been made possible owing to our driver relay model, where the truck driver changes over every 6-7 hours. The driver change over happens at our pit stops under supervision. We have the most extensive service network with 70+ service pit stops spread across the country. This ensures cargo is always within 2-3 hours of physical reach and gives us unparalleled ability to attend to any unforeseen issue. Additionally, all our vehicles have real-time temperature monitoring system. We have a 24x7 control tower that monitors the temperature alerts and immediately takes action in case of any deviation.
  • Remote temperature management: We have achieved technology breakthrough by deploying remote temperature management solution to our fleet. Through this technology, we can control temperature of running vehicles from central control tower. This eliminates dependency on driver for temperature control while the material is in transit.
  • Integrated Quality Management System (QMS): In collaboration with GMP trained consultants we have deployed one of the most comprehensive Quality Management Systems (QMS). We have well established SOPs and highly trained operations staff to deliver quality assurance. Sensor calibration, vehicle validation, incidence management and training are all covered under the scope of QMS.
  • Transparency and visibility: We have developed mobile and desktop applications for clients to get real-time visibility of temperature and location tracking for all running vehicles. Temperature data reports are available for download through performance dashboard.
  • Largest line-haul reefer network: We have one of the largest line-haul reefer operations in the country today. All our reefers are less than 2 years old and are equipped with the best specification of AC units which can operate in frozen (-25 degree Celsius) and chilled segment. For example, our 32ft vehicles are fitted with Carrier’s Supra 1150 which maintains air flow and ensures temperature maintenance happens through the box. We have a mix of 24ft and 32ft vehicles thereby giving us the ability to handle dense as well as voluminous cargo.