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The business landscape has seen a significant increase in the number of companies offering B2B products and services in the last few years; to the extent that India has gone on to become the second largest incubator of start-ups (after US) with a large number of them catering to the B2B segment. For these young emerging companies to continue growing at a fast pace and make a differential space for themselves not just in India but globally, a compelling and aggressive B2B sales function is of paramount importance.

B2B selling is very different from traditional sales. Selling to businesses is more involved where the effectiveness of selling is reflected in the strength of trust and impact based customer relationships. It requires strong problem solving skills, influencing ability and leadership – both within the client organization and your own.

Much like, B2C sales, overall customer experience remains at the core of B2B selling. The ability to understand customer needs, delve deep into the business challenges combined with designing customizable solutions and delivering quantifiable business value defines the overall success of the selling process. Every time you sit down with your B2B customers, they’re constantly gauging you on one aspect: ‘Can this person deliver true value for my business?'

At Rivigo, we envision B2B sales experience as a stepping stone to future leadership roles where you will be the one driving result-oriented impact across businesses. The Rivigo Impact Leadership Program (ILP) was founded with the firm objective to empower our Sales Team to become future impact leaders.

Working alongside some of India’s top businesses, Rivigo's Sales Team has been resolving real problems of the sector:

  • Unlocking huge value for our clients’ supply chain
  • Leaving a wide-reaching impact on the economy by seeing thousands of businesses through GST transition
  • Transforming the lives of lakhs of traders in India
  • Unleashing profitable results, making a real difference to our clients' businesses

The ILP, a structured 2-year experiential learning and capability building program, is thus designed to enhance the participants’ understanding of complex business problems, enabling the formation of diverse perspectives and developing new skills and experiences to aid them at every stage of their career.

A holistic program comprising of coaching, mentoring and on-field training facilitated through a series of formal training sessions by best-in-class coaches, ILP members get the distinct opportunity to:

  • Work in the sales teams of different businesses, honing their sales-related skillsets. e.g. build core understanding of varied kinds of businesses, ability to quickly grasp the customer’s challenges, build strong trust based relationships across different types of clients, hone your influencing skills - to be effective impact leaders
  • Gain expertise in building and leading high-performing teams, consistently delivering impactful results in intense growth environments
  • Achieve proficiency in one of the world’s best CRM software
  • Interact with leading sales professionals through series of 'chat sessions'
  • Understand the knack of engaging clients and developing meaningful professional relationships
  • Master the skill of delivering best results through increased self-awareness and by constantly motivating one’s team

As future impact leaders, we value our work by the lasting impact we can deliver for our customer’s industry and the society at large.

Rivigo ILP helps in building our participants’ understanding of complex business problems, form diverse perspectives and develop new skills and experiences to help them at every stage of their career.

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