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Rivigo Leadership Principles (RLPs) inspire us to be leaders every day, not by our roles but by our actions. RLPs define the way we make decisions that will impact thousands of people who are associated directly or indirectly with us. Over time, they have set the course for all work at Rivigo—be it hiring, talent management, business reviews, personal development or external partner evaluation. Across teams and locations, these principles bind us and govern our way of working at Rivigo.

Our RLPs live in each one of us and define who we are as an organization. While our context and goals may evolve, living by these core principles will ensure that we are true to our purpose and focused in achieving our goals. We hold each other accountable for imbibing these principles.

The fundamental tenet underlying the RLPs is that everyone at Rivigo, irrespective of their role or background has an empowering choice. The choice is to be a leader, which means imbibing these nine principles since they are all only choice and not skill-based.



I am an owner. Not an employee. I act on behalf of the entire company.

Hire better people

I hire people better than myself. I mentor and coach to make them better.

Technology Obsession

I use technology to solve problems. I always ask how technology can bring efficiency or reduce effort in whatever I do.

Data Driven

I like to get into depth. I like to measure everything through numbers and believe it is the only source of truth.

Bias for action

I am impatient and value action and speed. I will do it now, not tomorrow.

Think big

I think big. I think bold. I don’t say no to challenges and don't fear failures.

1% improvement everyday

I constantly better myself and my work every day. I believe in learning from mistakes to ensure I do not repeat them.

Respectfully disagree and commit

I respectfully challenge the decisions of my team members when I have a better solution.


I am sensitive to wastage and inefficiency. I don’t overspend. I am resourceful.

Our team

Our pilots, the truck drivers, are at the core of our existence

Pilot Ram Krishan

Pilot Sunder Lal