Life Sciences & Healthcare

Delivering life-saving drugs and other healthcare products within stipulated time and with absolutely no damage or spoilage is a top prerogative for all life science and healthcare suppliers. Any unplanned deviation in time or quality can have detrimental effects on the life of the consumers. Our custom-made services for this industry ensure unmatched speed of delivery, controlled environments for quality management and highly-dependable visibility into the shipment, enabling clients to deliver superior services with enhanced quality assurance.

Our advantage

Faster time to market: Our unique 'driver relay' model reduces the transit time by 70%, improving agility by great margins. Our faster time to market enables clients to manage the large skew in sales towards the month end and deliver the right SKU volume mix. Similar benefits are obtained by companies with a seasonal product mix, wherein, at the onset of the season, clients can achieve a faster time to market and avoid any loss in sales.

Highest level of temperature integrity: We provide world-class accuracy and precision in vehicular environment to ensure the best quality of life-saving drugs. In consultation with GMP-certified consultants, we have deployed a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) with detailed SOPs covering all aspects of our operations. We have validated fleet with thermal mapping and calibration, serving in both 2-8˚C and 15-25˚C temperature ranges. Our entire fleet has separate vehicle and reefer engine along with electrical backup to ensure product safety. Our service hubs spread across the country are equipped with power points and all our vehicles are fitted with GPS based real-time temperature monitoring system. We have a 24x7 control tower that tracks temperature deviations and takes immediate action by coordinating with the maintenance team and driver. We have the most extensive on-ground service network, with 43 service stations in the country, enabling us to reach any exigency situation within 2-3 hours.

Improved savings with surface logistics: We have developed customised milk-run routes for clients to service temperature-sensitive products to all depots on active mode through reefers. Air shipment of temperature-sensitive cargo is expensive which gets magnified owing to passive packaging materials. Also, there is always the risk of product getting offloaded and therefore, requires gel pack changeover. With our milk-run model, clients benefit both in terms of quality and cost.

Better visibility: We provide elaborate monitoring of a trip’s progress and the temperature at your fingertip, both on the web browser and mobile app. We have brought in the most innovative technology of two-way temperature integration wherein clients can remotely control temperature of the reefer with complete visibility into any activity happening on the vehicle including door opening/closing to ensure complete safety.

Handling samples and marketing input shipments to salesforce: Timely delivery of marketing input to sales force is crucial to ensure effectiveness of their field work. This also requires widespread presence to reach the sales force of all territories. We have got 100% pin code coverage in several states, thereby, having the capability to reach all members of the sales team.

Services we offer

Relay cold chain: We own a fleet of 250+ reefer trucks with pan India operations, promising the fastest TAT (50-70% lower than industry standard) and highest level of temperature integrity.

Relay full truck: We own a fleet of 2000+ containerised vehicles with Pan India operations, promising the fastest TAT (50-70% lower than industry standard) and unmatched reliability of 95%+.

Relay express cargo: Especially relevant for low-volume products requiring deliveries at multi-point, our express cargo service enables pan India operations with lowest ratio of damages and shortage. Clients also popularly use this service to deliver spill over or send marketing collaterals.

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