Big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics is transforming the way we live our lives and conduct our businesses today. However, the logistics industry, though laden with immense transformative potential from technology, has been a largely unorganised sector abound with several problems – poor turnaround times, low reliability due to missed or delayed deliveries, shortage of truck drivers and much more.

Since our inception, we have been intelligently harnessing the power of technology and data to solve critical issues of performance and reliability rampant in this industry. All our trucks are fitted with several sensors and IoTs which generate trillions of data points from many different sources like the vehicles’ GPS, fuel sensors, vital sensors, driver app etc. This data is then processed, analysed and consumed, transforming Rivigo trucks into smart trucks.

The Rivigo ‘smart truck’ runs on a geo-grid and as it moves, leaves a trail of its movement on the map which helps us constantly monitor the vehicle. Our technology platform then analyses the data derived using a very advanced location analytics engine. Simulated intelligent events enable us to study the behaviour of the smart truck. We have already mapped several such events, creating a huge repository of data for deriving valuable insights to improve the functioning of our trucks.

The world of artificial intelligence is enabling us to solve complex problems on driver allocation, vehicle positions and vehicle allocation. We are exploring the potential of machine learning techniques to sustain real-time demand-supply matching, create traffic maps (imagine Google Maps for logistics) and enable efficient utilisation of given resources.

Technology is evolving by the day and we, at Rivigo, are constantly pushing the boundaries to build the next generation logistics.