90% of the collisions on our roads are due to human error. These human errors could occur due to several reasons. The primary ones identified are driver behaviour, driving skills and fatigue. Firstly, the way a driver behaves while driving, for example, how s/he accelerates, brakes or takes sharp turns has a direct impact on safe driving. Secondly, if the driver does not maintain optimum average speed or if the speed variations during the drive fluctuates too much, it shows lack of proper driving skills. Finally, fatigue due to long distance driving can also negatively influence the way s/he drives.

In line with our vision of achieving 7-sigma level of road safety, we use data and scientific models to solve this complex behavioural problem. Our driver safety system creates quantitative models over qualitative behaviour using data collected from various sources like IoT or, as we like to call it, IoMT (Internet of Moving Things) sensors. This data is ingested, processed, munched and stitched together in several different ways to provide actionable insights. The driver safety model includes algorithms and approaches that encompass a broad range of statistical, machine learning, and pattern recognition techniques. It constantly measures abnormal actions such as zigzag driving pattern, random and risky accelerations, sharp lane changes and more. This information is then fed to a core analytics engine to create a driver safety index.

All Rivigo pilots use a smart phone application called pilot app. Using this application stack, our pilots are always connected with us. We use this communication channel to show information in an easy-to-comprehend way to them. The alert system provides real-time information to the pilots to take corrective actions. Further, gamification approach has been built in through safety badges to inculcate proper driving behaviour. We also use several incentive mechanisms to provide positive stimulus for good and safe driving behaviour. The quantified driving information is used in allocating best pilots considering safer delivery of fragile goods or specific driving skills that a client-route combination would need.

Safety is at the core of our mission of making logistics human. We are committed to making the roads of this country safe and ensuring each of our pilots comes back home safe. We are driving this change by harnessing the power of intelligent data and filling the behaviour and skill gaps to make the roads of our country safer.