In an intensely competitive FMCG market, characterised by frequent price wars and eroding margins, we enable our clients to develop a distinctive competitive edge by making their supply chain network leaner and building an efficient distribution network with the least leakages possible.

Our advantage

Reduced safety stock level: Higher transit time necessitates high safety stock maintenance with the dealers, leading to overstocking, thereby, causing immense detention issues. However, with the transit times provided by us, clients have successfully been able to reduce their safety stock levels by over 50%, resulting in a seamless supply chain network.

Assured product 'freshness': Our shortest transit time on surface ensures that produce reaches ‘fresh’ from factory to customer as consumers these days are more conscious about the age of the produce since manufacturing than the time left till expiry.

Greater category fill rate (CFR): Using our fastest and most reliable line haul service, clients have been able to systematically increase their CFR or reduce instances of missed sales, leading to eventual gain of market share.

Reduced in-transit damages: Our ‘driver relay’ model has improved satisfaction levels amongst the pilots and considerably reduced fatigue amongst them resulting in minimised accidents and theft cases. Furthermore, the minute-by-minute tracking of vehicles and round the clock maintenance facility available at short distances, have all contributed to our success on this front.

Optimised working capital: Reduction in transit time by 50-70% and reduction in safety stocks at the warehouses have resulted in the release of millions of rupees otherwise blocked in working capital for all our clients.

Services we offer

Relay full truck: We own a fleet of 2000+ containerised vehicles with Pan India operations, promising the fastest TAT (50-70% lower than industry standard) and unmatched reliability of 95%+.

Relay express cargo: Especially relevant for low-volume products requiring deliveries at multi-point, our express cargo service enables pan India operations with lowest ratio of damages and shortage. Clients also popularly use this service to deliver spill over or send marketing collaterals.

Warehousing: We have a comprehensive range of storage and handling facilities, ranging from conventional ambient-wide aisle platforms to highly automated warehouses complete with forklifting capabilities. Since we also understand the retail market, we can manage multiple outbound pallet configurations for the varying specifications of different retailers.

Pooling and collaboration: Being one of the first providers to introduce true pooling operations, we are emerging as a leader in this domain. We continue to lead the way by expanding our innovative approach to pooling. Benefits include not only lower logistics costs brought about by dramatic increase in warehouses and vehicle utilisation, but also increased stock velocity and better support of promotional activity.

Sustainability – A business fundamental: We have our own well-developed environmental policy and sustainability strategies. We have adopted many environmentally sensitive approaches to business such as patented fuel monitoring checks for avoiding any kind of leakage, wastage etc.

Our Partners