Electronics & Technology

Electronics and technology is a USD 125 billion industry in India, growing at 20-22% per annum. It is enabled by rapid technological innovation leading to new features, designs and product launches. For an industry that is rapidly changing with every new product that hits the market, competition is at an all-time high. We are seeing upto 30-40 new product launches every month, and suppliers are faced with a pressing need to ensure their new models penetrate the market faster - a need that must be backed by uninterrupted and timely supply of products across partner networks. With our services, characterised by high speed and better reliability, clients can now build an edge over other players with faster and reliable delivery across the country.

Our advantage

Faster time to market: Through our unique relay model, we offer significantly reduced transit times by 50-70% compared to alternative modes of transportation. For example –Delhi to Bangalore/ Chennai transit takes only 2 days compared to 5-8 days from alternative ways, while Delhi to Guwahati transit takes only 2 days compared to 10-14 days. This speed of delivery allows customers for faster launches, faster fulfilment of high demand SKUs, uninterrupted supply to the production lines and reduced air shipment costs.

Minimised damages: Electronic products are very high value and have a strong brand image associated with the product. Given this unique association, damages are a quick deal breaker for consumers, including a minor scratch on the external carton. We understand the importance of handling these products with utmost care. Our handlers are well trained in handling each shipment as the sole source of purpose in the business. We eliminate the possibilities of damage by using innovative packaging solutions, shrink wrapping of shipments, and movement using custom-built cages and material handling sleeves deployed during long haul movement.

Reduced pilferages: Electronic products are prone to heavy pilferages, often to the tune of 0.5-2%, due to the high value and quick saleability of the product in the unofficial market space. We deliver a pilferage free operation for our customers using end-to-end technology integrations, strong sense of responsible ownership across the ecosystem, box-level tracking and innovative packaging solutions.

Enhanced safety on the road: We provide end-to-end, minute-by-minute visibility of the shipment while on road, using our GPS-enabled vehicle tracking systems. This, coupled with physical check of the vehicle every 5 hours at our pit stop network assures the safety of the shipments from any untoward incidents on the road.

Optimised inventories and enhanced return on investment for dealer network: We enable a highly optimised inventory holding capability to our customers by faster fulfilment of orders across India from a centralised inventory point and quick stock balancing between demand points. The customers and dealers are able to manage their inventories better, and enhance sales using lesser overall inventory. Through this, dealers are able to rotate their money upto 1.5-2X faster resulting in higher return on capital. Production facilities could be more flexible in the production planning depending on the market response to new products.

Unique and smarter deliveries for e-commerce locations: With changing shopping preferences, 20-50% of electronics sale now happens through e-commerce players. We specialise in these deliveries through our efficient solutions for appointment based deliveries as well as our unique and collaborative solutions with e-commerce players to ensure smooth deliveries for our customers.

Rapid Claim Settlement: Electronics products are high value commodities and customers are highly sensitive to any loss. We offer a very efficient and low cost transit insurance through our strategic partnership with insurance providers. Upon taking this insurance, we offer the settlement of any claims within just 3 hours, which is the fastest settlement turn-around for any logistics company globally.

Services we offer

Relay full truck: We own a fleet of 3000+ containerised vehicles with pan India operations, promising the fastest TAT (50-70% lower than industry standard) and unmatched reliability of 95%+.

Relay express cargo: Especially relevant for low-volume products requiring deliveries at multi-point, our express cargo service enables pan India operations with lowest ratio of damages and shortage.

Secure inbound solutions to factories: Every minute wasted waiting for the material adds up to significant losses. With many of the parts being imported at seaports/airports across the country, we provide solutions for product movement from seaports/airports into the factory thereby saving precious line time.

Factory to warehouse / Inter-warehouse deliveries: We offer the fastest supplies of products from factory to warehouse and between warehouses through both full truck and part truck load services for quick stock balancing and fast service to market.

Store deliveries: We offer store deliveries using our widespread network of over 200 cities, 200+ branches and unique mall delivery solutions. Owing to the faster transit times, the material reaches the store in upto 70% lesser times and allows for higher time on shelf.

Warehousing: We have a comprehensive range of storage and handling facilities, ranging from conventional ambient-wide aisle platforms to highly automated warehouses with complete forklifting capabilities. We also help our clients plan their entire warehousing needs, including where they should be located, how they should be designed and how the inventory should be managed efficiently.

Repackaging and special handling: We offer customized repackaging solutions and specialised pallet based handling to ensure utmost safety of the consignments.

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