The e-commerce industry has gathered great momentum and is spreading its presence across Tier-II and Tier-III cities with the demand as well as cargo connectivity increasing massively. Given the growth and expansion of this industry, logistics has the potential to be the key differentiator in terms of customer service and will also act as an important lever for business growth. With our services, e-commerce players get access to a comprehensive transport solution which allows them to reduce their line haul cost per shipment without compromising on the service level (shortest transit time and 95%+ reliability), a business value that can unleash new revenue opportunities.

Our advantage

Air-equivalent transit time on surface: With 50-70% reduction in transit time, we have replaced air as the preferred mode of transit, thus, providing a cost-effective solution to e-commerce companies.

  • For lanes less than 1500 kilometres, we deliver in 1 day (Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Indore, Delhi-Ahmedabad etc.).

  • For lanes greater than 1500 kilometres and well-connected by air, our transit time is just one day greater than air (Delhi-Bangalore, Delhi-Chennai etc.).

  • For lanes not well-connected by air due to fewer number of connections / non-reliable air services, our s transit time is similar to air (Hyderabad- Ahmedabad, Surat-Bangalore etc.).

Full tracking visibility: With our 50+ in-house technology products created by a team of the best technology professionals of the country, clients get complete tracking visibility for each truck in case of full truck service or each package in case of express cargo service on our web and mobile trackers. We also provide API integration facility, allowing direct integration of technology into the clients' tracking system.

Regulatory documentation management: We have our own documentation team with industry experts capable of handling state regulatory requirements across the country including permit creation or entry tax payment.

Lowest in-transit DEPS (damage, excess, pilferage, shortage): With trained pilots (truck drivers), 100% technology adoption through the process from pick up to delivery, a 24x7 central tracking and control tower and a proactive maintenance team, we have the lowest in-transit theft cases, accidents and other untoward incidences.

High reliability and deeper reach: With self-owned fleet of 3000+ trucks and a pan India service network of 70+ pitstops, we provide 95%+ reliability and on time performance.

Services we offer

Relay full truck: Allowing e-commerce companies to create their own time-sensitive and reliable line haul network across the country, we provide both two-way and one-way vehicles.

Relay express cargo: With the same core advantage as full truck service (shortest transit times and high reliability), our express cargo service has an added benefit of not requiring the client to create a fixed cost network. This service is, therefore, well-suited when the volume is below a critical level or is highly variable in nature.

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