Software Development Engineer I (Backend)

Gurugram | Full Time | Technology | 1-3 years

About Rivigo

We are a technology-enabled company that is shaping the future of logistics for the world. Founded in 2014, we are transforming the sector with our global-first driver relay model made possible through a unique mix of next generation data science and operational excellence. Grounded in the mission of making logistics human, we have fundamentally changed the truck driver’s job from a ‘months-away-from-home’ job to a ‘day’ job. Unlike conventional truck drivers, relay pilots drive from pitstop to pitstop (under 300 kms) and return to their families the same day, thus, creating huge social dividend.

Relay trucking also ensures 50-70% reduction in turnaround time and highest reliability for clients, helping them reinvent their business models – serving new markets, reducing inventory and significantly cutting costs. Listed among the world’s top emerging businesses and backed by marquee investors, we are working on a vision to build a completely technology-enabled RaaS (Relay as a service) marketplace to define the way goods move on roads in India and the world.

What will you do?

RIVIGO Labs is at the core of our vision. A team of the country’s best engineers and data scientists, we are leveraging smart data and technology to build ground-breaking solutions at scale. This year we are focussed on solving data and intelligence problems that are focused on redefining complex operations via technology using decision making science to optimize and build efficient technology systems. You will be working on challenging time-space complex problems that are futuristic and have never been solved before.

These will include network relay model, fuel analytics and optimisation, resource (vehicle/pilot) allocation and optimisation, human behaviour analysis, geo analytics, time continuum and visualisation, line haul planning etc. Your role would involve architecting systems capable of serving as the brains of complex distributed products. A strong technologist at RIVIGO cares about code modularity, scalability and reusability and thrives in a complex and ambiguous environment.

Who should apply ?

  • • Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science or a related field • 1-3 years relevant experience • Experience with web technologies and microservices architecture, Java, Linux, Apache, MySQL, solr, memcache, redis, javascript, ajax etc. • Experience with high performance websites catering to millions of daily traffic is a plus • Excellent team-working skills and ability to handle multiple tasks together. • Experience with API Designing and ability to architect and implement an intuitive customer and third-party integration story • Ability to think and analyse both breadth-wise (client, server, DB, control flow) and depth-wise (threads, sessions, space-time complexity) while designing and implementing services • Exceptional design and architectural skills