Be the best version of you.

Envisioned with a unique, bold and purposeful mission, our aspiration at RIVIGO is to redefine logistics for India and the world, making it human, faster, safer and efficient.

Opportunity to build a legacy

Everyone at RIVIGO has a compelling charter which ties deeply with our larger mission of making logistics human. Be it technology, operations, sales or core functions, teams think first-principle and do real, meaningful work while creating legacy.

Stunning peers

With our continuous focus on having a superlative hiring bar, RIVIGO continues to build a team of exceptionally brilliant people. This ensures one is always around peers and in teams who inspire each other and collectively better the best.

Exceptional learning and growth

At India’s fastest growing company in one of the largest addressable sectors globally, the opportunities for learning and growth are limitless. Our people practices will always focus on fast-tracking the journey of unlocking the infinite in every owner.

Our leadership principles

OwnershipI am an owner, not an employee. I act in the best interest of the entire company.
Hire and developI hire the best people for my team and Rivigo. I mentor and coach them to become strong leaders.
Deep diveI like to operate at depth for real insights and progress.
Customer centricityI set the highest standards of customer experience and service.
Boundless energyI connect deeply with my source of energy and bring that energy to work and to my team everyday.
Think bigI think big. I think bold. I don’t say no to challenges and don't fear failures.
1% improvement everydayI constantly better myself and my work every day. I continuously seek feedback from everyone around me to improve.
Respectfully disagree and commitI respectfully disagree when I have a better perspective or insight in a given situation. However, when decision is taken, I wholly commit to it.
Cost leadershipI am sensitive to wastage and inefficiency. I invent, simplify and continuously reduce cost in my work area.
SAY/DO = 100%I am committed to delivering results and doing what I say. This helps me build a cycle of trust with everyone around me.
Technology obsessionI use technology to solve problems. I always ask how technology can bring efficiency or reduce effort in whatever I do.

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"There is a constant energy around the organisation in cross-team interactions."

There is a constant energy around the organisation when it comes to cross-team interactions. Each and every one is religiously following the year-end goals that we have set-up for ourselves. We take pride on having one of the best resilient technological infrastructure developed in-house. We have hackathons. We have release parties. We have RCA sessions. We do it all. And we do it together.