Automotive aftermarket is a high margin (25-40%), high growth sector which is expected to hit USD 15-20 billion by 2020. This opens up an unprecedented opportunity for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to scale up their aftermarket business; one of the biggest enablers for which would be a highly efficient and responsive supply chain. We partner with our clients to scale up their operations with our services that guarantee extensive and faster reach, ably secured by high-end technology.

Our advantage

Lowest time to serve the market: OEM’s spare part manufacturing locations are mostly centralised but the channel partners are located pan India, resulting in higher time to service. In several locations, it requires as long as 7-15 days to serve the market which leads to high inventory stock at warehouses. Our globally unique ‘driver relay’ model eliminates this problem by reducing the turnaround time by 50-70% leading to the fastest delivery of auto goods.

Reduced working capital needs for distributors / dealers: Lower transit time and higher reliability (95%+) enable our distributors to optimise their working capital, allowing them to effectively scale-up their business

Extensive reach across India: We cover the complete length and breadth of the country through both full truck load and express cargo services, assuring coverage of every dealer in the network.

Lowest in-transit DEPS (damage, excess, pilferage, shortage): In a segment where there is a high percentage (3-5%) of losses because of damaged goods or lost shipments, resulting in poor experiences for channel partners and making way for spurious products, we offer lowest DEPS in the industry through high quality drivers, robust processes and technology adoption at every step.

Futuristic technology integration: Current supply chains are highly dependent on paper-based manual interventions leading to loss of time, quality and accountability in the process. We have 50+ in-house technology products, created by our top-notch technology team, that make each process efficient and error free.

Services we offer

LPCD (Linear programming based continuous dispatch) service: LPCD is a client-dedicated service that replaces surface couriers, relay full truck and relay express cargo with a single continuous dispatch service, charged at a geography-based flat rate.

LPCD achieves the following:

  • Eliminates need for surface couriers since our 50-70% lower lead time network (based on driver relays) allows us to aggregate dispatches while maintaining current shipment delivery SLA

  • Combines relay full truck, relay express cargo and surface courier dispatches into a continuous dispatch milk-run service with optimised routes, vehicle utilisation and TAT

  • Provides sealed-in and out high-quality multi-party shipments with zero damages and shortages through eliminating multiple trans-shipments

Live feedback from customer applications integrates backwards into OEM ERP to provide ongoing reconciliation of order and delivery completion. Needless to say, the platform will keep evolving to further improve the OEM’s offerings to its distributors, gradually bringing all transactions online in a single application.

At Rivigo, we have leveraged our technology and data science teams to build Rivigo LPCD algorithm that optimises multi-modal dispatches (couriers, relay full truck etc.) into a single continuous dispatch service. An owned fleet makes it easy to innovate on the vehicle body. Modifications required in this case were segregating a full truck into compartments for different consignees.

3PL / Milk runs: Across all major auto clusters in India (Sanand, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Indore, Delhi), we have developed a strong set of partners to provide us with a wide range of vehicles along with tech solutions to ensure the most efficient pick-up from auto component supplier base followed by load consolidation and dispatch through line hauls.

Warehousing: We have a comprehensive range of storage and handling facilities, ranging from conventional ambient-wide aisle platforms to highly automated warehouses with complete forklifting capabilities. We also help our clients plan their entire warehousing needs, including where they should be located, how their warehouses should be designed and how their inventory can be managed efficiently.

Our Partners