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We aim to achieve 7 sigma level of safety; 1 accident per 10 million km run

  • Performance based incentive model
    Driver incentive is linked to his efficiency and not turn-around times. Smooth and controlled driving is incentivised upto 60% of the base payout.
  • Driver selection process
    Automated past driving history check and personality tests to judge risk taking potential, are an integral part of the driver selection process.
  • Fatigue management
    Auto-allocation of driving duties ensuring drive time is 4-6 hours and adequate cooling time has been provided between trips.
  • Per trip feedback
    Feedback is provided at the end of every trip based on outliers in trip performance like over-speeding, speed volatility etc. This encourages pilot to drive responsibly promoting good driving behaviour and dissuading rash driving.
  • Driver app
    Driver can check past performance history of his duties and his improvement over various metrics. He is encouraged to improve over them and alerted to any consistent decrease.
  • Rewards & recognition
    Most responsible drivers adhering to high standards on safety metrics receive regular rewards & recognition to reinforce culture.

Operational safety is central to Rivigo's vision of making logistics human

  • Timely pre inspection checks
    Pre inspection at the start of each trip to ensure truck is in a safe condition to ply. On-time scheduled maintenance after running fixed kilometres.
  • Tyre replacements on regular intervals
    All tyres are regularly monitored by our partner vendors and are changed specific time intervals.
  • 24x7 alert based vitals monitoring
    Round the clock vitals monitoring of airbrake pressure, engine oil pressure, coolant level, temperature to ensure ideal driving conditions. Any alerts or exceptions handled on priority through our 24x7 control tower.
  • Speed governors
    Speed governors installed in entire fleet to limit speed in accordance with government regulation (as per Road Transport and Highways Ministry's 2015 amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989).
  • Autonomous braking systems
    Autonomous braking systems are installed to ensure truck halts in case obstacles are sensed within braking distance.
  • Trucks are always within 2-3 hrs from nearest help
    Having pit stops at regular intervals of around 250 kms, helps us to provide any required assistance to every vehicle at any points of time. All the pit stops are supported by 24X7 maintenance teams.

It is our top priority to ensure our drivers drive safely on the job

  • Focus on efficiency, not speed
    Emphasis on the need for eliminating unscheduled stoppages and inefficiency in driving as opposed to speeding to meet turn-around time.
  • Driver safety trainings
    Half day safety training conducted by Driver Training Institutes as a part of the Rivigo driver pre-joining induction. Safety weeks organized quarterly with engaging content, interactive training sessions and competitions focussed on importance of driving safety at Rivigo.
  • Performance dialogues
    Monthly performance dialogues with drivers covering their performance on various safety metrics such as average speed, over-speeding and speed volatility.
  • Safety sujhaav sessions
    Idea generation workshops setting fortnightly agenda on best practices for increasing safety such as seat belt awareness, fog driving.
  • Rewards & recognition
    Most responsible drivers adhering to high standards on safety metrics receive regular rewards & recognition to reinforce culture.
  • Drug & alcohol testing
    Comprehensive drug & alcohol testing conducted before the start of every trip at the time of handing over the vehicle to the driver.
  • Safety pledge
    Each driver takes a safety pledge before taking a driving duty.
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