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Prime (FTL)

Anywhere to anywhere in India in 3 days with our unique driver relay model

  • Unprecedented delivery time
    Rivigo consistently provides 50-70% lower transit time using its unique driver-relay model.
  • Company owned fleet of 1000+ trucks
    Rivigo is now one of the leading fleet owners in the country. With its own fleet, we can guarantee a reliable and consistent service.
  • Pan India operation
    With our 40+ pit stops network spread across the country, we can provide FTL service between any two locations in the country, e.g., Jodhpur – Guwahati, Bangalore – Agartala, Pantnagar to Cochin, Mumbai – Kolkata
  • Best in class maintenance systems
    Rivigo has the best in class maintenance system supported by the truck and tyre OEM. Our every trip is pre-inspected and 24x7 vehicle maintenance desk coordinates with nearest Rivigo Pitstop/OEM dealer for immediate attention in case of any breakdown
  • Complete real-time visibility
    • Real- time vehicle visibility on a map
      Location of all the currently running vehicles can be seen on a map
    • GPS logs of currently running vehicles and closed trips
      Location detail of the vehicle every minute from the start of the trip to end of the trip is maintained to identify any unscheduled stoppages or warehouse hold time
    • Realtime analytics
      Performance history of all the trips provided so far
    • Placement plan
      Shows specific details of the vehicle which will be placed in the next 24 hrs
  • High security through advanced locking mechanisms
    Rivigo gives utmost importance to the safety of the consignment and handles various high value consignment. Along with the standard bolt system in each vehicle, hidden locks have been provided in them. These hidden locks make it virtually impossible for any theft to take place while the vehicle is moving.
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