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Green (Cold Chain)

Establishing trust in temperature management and bringing markets closer

  • Best-in-class temperature integrity system
    We have a closed-loop temperature integrity system that eliminates the many risks that customers face in normal reefer transportation.
  • 24X7 real time temperature monitoring
    We’ve real-time temperature monitoring system on all vehicles. Our proprietary technology gives alerts for any temperature deviation which then gets addressed by the 24x7 control centre team.
  • Trucks are always within 3-4 hrs of assitance
    In addition, we’ve 40+ service pit stops spaced 200-250km spread across the country. Any vehicle requiring attention en-route can be physically attended to in 3-4 hours. Our client app gives customers facility for real-time monitoring of temperature.
  • Tapping new markets
    Our unique "Driver relay model" reduces transit time by more than 50%. Customers leverage this feature to tap far-away high potential markets and thereby improve sales.
  • Improved ability to deal with seasonality
    Many cold chain product segments like ice-cream, chocolates, fruits & vegetables are highly seasonal in nature. During the on-set of demand season, our low lead time model gives a competitive edge to reach retail shelf faster. Similarly end of season customers can react to demand drop better with our model and thereby reduce product obsolescence risk.
  • Optimizing storage cost
    Cold storage cost could be almost 50% of total supply chain cost. Our reduced and more reliable transit time model gives the opportunity for customers to reduce inventory norms at destination.
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Rivigo getting awarded for outstanding contribution in Refrigerated transportation

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