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India is the largest producer of many fresh fruits and vegetables. We rank amongst the world’s largest producers of over 80% of agricultural produce items. India accounts for 14% of world production of vegetables. However lack of proper cold chain network and long lead times in surface transportation is leading to 2 big challenges

  • Value loss: 30-40% of fruits and vegetables are wasted due to post harvest losses.  Besides quality of a sizable produce also deteriorates by the time it reaches the consumer. 
  • Reduced market access: Certain geographies in India are known for the unique F&V they produce. Kiwi from Arunachal Pradesh, Oranges from Nagpur, Grapes from Nashik, Pineapple from North-east and Kerala…etc. High surface transit time and lack of cold-chain network prevents these products to reach target consumers in distance markets. 

While much has been written about the need for having an integrated F&V focused cold chain network, very little progress has happened on ground. Lack of common ground between buyers, sellers and government is the key reason for this lack of progress. Even modern retail giants have settled into buying most of fresh produce from local mandi rather than investing in cold chain network to procure from source. 

Rivigo is breaking the barrier by taking the lead in developing end-to-end cold chain that can be used as a pipeline by market players to transport fresh produce from any part of the country to any consumption point. Rivigo Green solution has 4 distinctive facets – 

  • Pre-cooling chambers at source – Pre-cooling inhibits the growth of decay causing organisms. It’s the 1st step of good temperature management of fruits and vegetables after harvest. India lacks sufficient pre-cooling chambers at sources. At Rivigo through a combination of leasing of cold storages and mobile pre-cooling chambers we’re making it accessible for producers
  • Part-load aggregation capability – We’re enrolling market players like traders, brokers, commodity agents and rail/ surface transport agents as Rivigo partners who are making the 1st mile and last mile connection happen. Many buyers and sellers have requirement of less than truck load movement. Through the part-load aggregation capability we enable someone to move even 500kg of produce move in temperature controlled environment through the length and breadth of the country
  • Reefer transportation – We’re focused on bringing reefer transportation to large number of fresh commodities. Apple, Grapes, Green Chillies, Jackfruit, Bitter gourd…etc are some of the categories that we’ve handled through our reefer transportation service
  • Faster transit time – Our unique driver-relay model ensures we achieve 50-70% lower transit time compared to most transporters. We do Delhi-Bangalore in 2.5 days, Kolkata-Bangalore in 2.5 days, Delhi-Kolkata in 36 hours. This unique capability is enabling new market access to many F&V categories.  

At Rivigo we're committed to create the most trusted cold-chain network dedicated for F&V category. We're not only creating the hard infrastructure but we’re also investing in affecting behaviour change in the F&V market players to go out of their comfort zone and enhance quality of product at end point by adopting our fool-proof network.

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