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Indian frozen food market is considered to be a sun-rise industry. Valued at approximately Rs 1500 Cr its growing at healthy double digit year-on-year. Increasing participation of women in workforce and adoption of western food habits is fuelling the growth of the frozen food market. However the lack of reliability and high cost of cold chain network is becoming an inhibitor to the growth of the industry. 

Rivigo offers 3 distinctive advantage through its cold chain network.

  • Opportunity to reduce cold storage cost – Cost storage cost is almost 50% of the total logistics cost for frozen food players. Rivigo’s unique model cuts down transit time by 50% and also brings in tremendous reliability in transit time. This enables frozen foods players to cut down inventory at consumption points thereby saving 30-50% of the storage cost
  • Best-in-class temperature integrity – One of the biggest risks that frozen food players have is breakage of cold chain network. Rivigo’s unique driver-relay model eliminates the risk of drivers switching off the reefer unit to cut corners which is a prevalent practice in the Industry. A driver gets to drive a vehicle only for 6-7 hours and therefore neither has the opportunity nor the incentive to tamper with the reefer unit. We also have 24x7 control tower that monitors real-time temperature data streamed from the vehicles and thereby taking action in case of any deviation. Our 40 service hubs spread across the country are fully equipped to physically reach out to any break-down vehicle in very short time. We’re also piloting a revolutionary remote temperature management system that would enable a control-tower to manage temperature and thereby taking control away from drivers
  • Speed and agility in supply chain – Our reduced transit time model brings one closer to the market. Clients are able to quickly react to sudden changes in demand pattern and thereby eliminating the risk of expired stocks

Rivigo is becoming a trusted partner to leading frozen foods players by enabling reduction of total supply chain cost while offering a distinctly superior and reliable cold chain network. 

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