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The biggest challenge for garment manufacturers is to keep pace with the fashion market and its short lifecycles.

  • Typically, manufacturers lose 8-10 days in transportation from the mother warehouses to the stores. With the average season for a fashion trend ranging from 3 to 4 months, it becomes crucial to deliver apparels from mother warehouses to the stores swiftly.

At Rivigo we have addressed this challenge through our unique tech-enabled model.

  • Reduced Transit Times: Through our unique driver relay model, we have been able to reduce the transit times by almost 70%. For example, we complete Bangalore to Guwahati trips in 3 days vis-à-vis an industry average of 9-10 days. We are hence able to add significant value to our customers by increasing the shelf life of their products by almost 7 days, thus increasing the availability and saleability of the apparels.
  • Full tracking visibility: With our in-house technology, clients can track their vehicles (in Prime) or each bag (in Zoom) on a dedicated web platform or mobile application.
  • We also provide API integration facility, allowing direct integration of technology into clients’ tracking system. Live feedback from customer applications integrates back into OEM ERP to provide ongoing reconciliation of order and delivery completion.

This allows a significantly higher time for the products on the shelf, thereby increasing availability and saleability. With continuous changes in technology and consumer preferences, we continue to innovate on technology to bridge the gaps between the manufacturer and the consumer.

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